Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suuuuper bizzayy!

These last couple weeks have been so non-stop, and they've been pretty fun!

Last weekend, I had that job fair (which had an interesting lead...) worked 12-9 on Saturday at the other job...and then Sunday went for a bike ride, shopping & out for pizza, then had a barbecue with H.

We've decided that we're going camping this weekend, assuming that my paycheck that is supposedly arriving in the mail today is enough. Oh, and that I don't get called into work on Saturday (which is sadly pretty likely).

This will be H's first time camping.

Although he's nervous, I told him he's perfect for it: very wash-and-wear, likes the outdoors, can sit for hours staring off into space, not a wuss, etc.!

Things to pick up:
1. Tent (I saw a $30 2-person at Target I will probably get)
2. Marshmallows & sticks
3. Charcoal
4. Weenies & ketchup
5. Mayyybe a lantern?

I have a lot of stuff already...(air mattress, flashlight, etc.)


tranish said...

Ooh, have fun camping! I'm sure H will totally love his first camping experience! It's great weather right now for it :)