Monday, March 22, 2010


So spring break passed last week, or shall I call it "spring brake". You see, I forgot about my life. I was so completely and utterly consumed with my (other) certification test, H's birthday, the Brownsville visit, and SXSW with my cousin Rose & her friend Tracy.

I'm trying to encapsulate the experience & analyze what I learned from it (because I'm awesome/neurotic like that).

I think that I was super happy to be busy, as much as I think I should have hated it, as it was a total mental vacation. I couldn't worry, just have fun!

I need to just be a little crazy sometimes, because I am Ms. Biz most of the time (yea/boo)

I am feeling so refreshed and happy today. Here are some pix:
Temper Trap @ Cedar Square
Tracy, me, and Rose
Me & H
Impromptu dance party..

I really should be cleaning.

See what I mean? ;)