Thursday, December 17, 2009

This says it all :)

Today, has actually been a superb day. Excellent. 'Cept for H left for Brownsville for 4 days. Booooo.

Oh, and unless I go to buffet before bed, I've had 2 excellent nutritional/fitness days. It's complete placebo that I should feel so light!


Katherine said...

Oh, you are too adorable! I completely admire and envy you for having the time and inspiration to craft as well as diet. I feel like I've tackled my depression, but I am drained of creativity. Also, I've been meaning to do something about the way I eat ... I eat so poorly, and I go out so often. New year's resolutions, maybe? I need to find some motivation!

Aberdeen said...

Thanks for your lovely comments as always! You make me smillleeee!

I feel like if you buy some new craft stuff, or organize what you already have (i usually have more than I remember...and I DID have tons of felt already =/), it can be easy to feel creative. I like having things out and looking at me. They sorta seem to beg to become something pretty!

As far as the's such a reasonable goal, and for that, it's perfect. No stress...I just wanna feel a little more confident instead of sluggish...lemme know if you want a partner ...I'm only 2 days into it :)

My new year's resolution is to have my own traveling booth for craft fairs....:-D


Katherine said...

I think that I shall wait until after the holidays to start (I need grease and alcohol to get me through the next two weeks), but I really want to start cutting all the fast food out of my diet! Adding some vegetables and breaking in my running shoes are good ideas too ... or at least using my Wii Fit more often!

I'm also hoping to get more creative. Writing more. At the very least, decorating the apartment!

I can totally see you on the craft fair circuit. Are you selling anything now, like on Etsy? I remember you maybe having a Facebook post about that...