Friday, February 13, 2009


At my school today, everyone is celebrating Valentine's with their respective friends/lovers. It's a mélange of sickening and sweet. The extravagance here in South Texas is beyond anything I'd ever imagined. I would bet you that some of those gifts (sumo-sized teddies) cost at least $200-$300.

I'll have to post some photos to do it a little justice. You will not believe.

Also, it's Friday the 13th. Both me and H were born on 13s, so I'm not really afraid of the number. I mean, yeah, we're both creeps, but nothing piercing the veil of normalcy for us!

At second analysis, I have done two semi-freakish 13-like stuff. I took a shower in the AM, and I am wearing glue-on fake nails. I know it's naughty, but I realize it's fun to pretend and make cool clicking noises while I type.

So my blog kinda sucks--I want it to be sort of awesome and get more subscribers, because then conversations can happen. No one wants to talk about my blither, but I kinda realized that the only blogs that get a lot of click/comment-play are ones about "OOOHHH I bought this, and I bought this, and I love new stuff and OooooOooOoOoOOo."

The only things I have expertise in are humorous anecdotes about everyday life, teaching, baking, art, and fashion...

Does anyone give a hoot about any of these things? I can write. I am capable. Doing it now. Love it.

So tomorrow, spelling competition #5. Hemidemisemiquaver. Amicus curae. Passamaquoddy. Who cares? We do.

After this, date with Mr. HoracioOoOOo...we're going retro--dinner at a malt shop then a secret.

Always secrets.

I'm making him a present that is a cooler version of this.

No shame in spilling the beans--by the time he reads this, he best be wearing them!


merveilleuse said...

i'm readin'. ;-) what a fun v-day! xx