Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On being behind the times & OK with it.

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I'm always REALLY behind on current films. Like really bad. Even if I had 2+ hours to spare, I'd usually rather watch one I've seen a million times instead of branching out.

I sound closed minded and pathetic, but really, I think I innately search for nostalgia in anything.

Anyway, last night H and I rented "Monster," which, in case you didn't get the news, like yeah, 5 years ago, it's about a serial-killing prostitute who is trying to make it with her girlfriend. I've also come to the conclusion that I cry during nearly every movie now--even serial killing movies--which officially makes me an old, sappy lady.

I'd also like to credit H and my friend Alexis for bringing new movies in my life, or else, I probably would never see another new one, until all my old faves are reissued on BLU-RAY. JK...I still have a VCR, so there's no hope. This, again, is where the H comes in.

I guess this means that I'll be wearing what was popular fashion-wise in 20-30 years, since a lot of my wardrobe is 20-30 years old. Hmmmm....So, in other words, I'll be wearing skinny jeans well into my 50s. With a AARP card tight in my back pocket.

P.S. Candy corn is a belly-rotting snack. Don't be distracted by its bright colors!